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roof leak repairWhen your roof leaks - be it loose shingles, or a complete tear off and replacement, it is important to hire certified roof contractors to handle the emergency promptly. 

Streaks and Leaks Roof Repairs: 

There are many reasons that your Cincinnati home may need a roofing contractor to come out and do an inspection. Perhaps it’s an older roof that needs replaced. We provide tear-off and check the decking and attic ventilation beneath. Our crew will then replace the roof with high-quality shingle products. The entire tear-off, replacement and clean-up is often completed within 1 working day. 

Loose shingles and leaks are often the result of storm damage. High winds, ice and hail can be very damaging to a roof. In the event of a storm, it’s a great idea to have an inspection done even if damage may not be visible from the road. Most damage cannot be seen from the road and it’s important to have it inspected to see if roof repair is needed. If severe damage occurs, we have 24-hour emergency service available, along with emergency tarps.

storm damage roof repairIf you think your roof is damaged during a storm, the first thing to do is contact us. When wind, hail or other other natural events damage your roof, we can help restore your peace of mind. We will come out and look at it, take pictures and give you a full report and let you know what to say to your insurance agent about the damage. You will also need to ask about their policy regarding the filing of roofing insurance claims for storm damage. Your agent will then advise you in proper procedures and deadlines. If you need help talking to your agent, we can assist you. We will also be glad to meet the adjuster on the roof and point out what we found so you are fully compensated.

Insurance claims for your storm damaged roof

  • We can explain to your adjuster, in detail, exactly what damage was found during our inspection and the date of the occurrence. If your roof is leaking, it will need to be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid further damage to the interior of your home.
  • We can get a crew out right away to patch holes with waterproof plywood or a tarp until it can be properly repaired. It’s important to inform your agent of any repairs that need to be made. We are experts at insurance claims for storm damage and will help you get the maximum claim amount you are entitled to. After you contact your insurance agent, you will be contacted by the department that handles roofing insurance claims for storm damage. Then an adjuster will contact you. They will want to see the damage, so we take photos of what we find and will provide the insurance company with them so they can give you an estimate on the cost of repair or replacement.

The Avsten Construction Claims Administrator works with your insurance company to arrive at the agreed-upon price based upon your scope of damages and that this is the final price for your new roof. You owe nothing more than the deductible. 

roof maintenance gaurenteeProperly maintaining your roof extends its life. Benefits include:

  • Maximize the life of your roofing system
  • Minimize life cycle costs
  • Improved protection of the building and its contents
  • Can defer costly roof replacements
  • Protects your roof guarantee 

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