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Avsten offers home inspection

If you are looking for professional Roofing and Construction Services – Call Avsten today at 513-795-7467 or use the form below to send us a request and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Be sure to ask about the free annual home inspection.

We Offer Home Inspections


Weather and aging do the most damage to your roof, and we don’t even see the all the damage slowly being done. Your roof protects one of the biggest investments you’ve made. Why wouldn’t you want to regularly check to make sure it’s in good shape ?

Your roof is made up of so much more material than just shingles. The amount of layers and items that go into having a great protection is mind-blowing. That is why you need a professional roofer that knows what to look for to ensure that your roof is doing what it is supposed to do.

Avsten only consists of well-trained and educated contractors that do FREE estimates when most contractors charge up to $500 for just the estimate. If properly maintained, a roof can last you a lifetime, if not you are lucky to get a couple of years without damage to your home.

Keep your home protected and get annual roof inspections.

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