Caulking Tips


Who knew caulking tips would be so extensive? We did! Next time you visit your local hardware store, make sure you grab a canister of caulk. It’s a very easy and inexpensive maintenance item that you should always have on hand. It keeps the outside, outside!

What a handy dandy product!

  • Close the gaps. One of the main uses of caulk is to seal and protect. When dealing with home or business structures, we often find gaps all over the place. Nothing a little acrylic latex caulk can’t solve. Check your interior moldings and baseboards for a quick seal. It will dry quickly and can be painted eight hours after application.
  • The bathroom will always need it. For your metal, glass, and ceramic surfaces pick up some silicone caulk. and For your tub and tile, siliconized acrylic caulk works great for a to get that watertight seal. When there are holes, water finds a way in. It can cause a whole list of mold and mildew problems for you so it’s best to move in on that one quickly!
  • Keep bugs on the outside! For the exterior, you will want to use a concrete and mortar repair caulk. It’s also great to use on your foundational walls in your basement if you find small fissures.
  • Keep your utility bills down. Use acrylic latex or vinyl latex caulk to seal up windows and doors. This will cut that pesky draft going through the room and enhance your energy efficiency. Don’t forget to check the attic! That insulation can only do so much.
  • Stop the leaks! A great use for butyl-rubber caulk is on your gutters, siding, and roof. Check out your joints and cracks in your gutters to keep the rainwater flowing! Inspect your roof along edges, around skylights and flashing. It’s water and weatherproof, so have no fear when applying.
  • Use it to glue things in place. Is your wallpaper coming up? Place a dab of all-purpose to stick it down. Has a tile come loose or some carpet come up? Put it back into place in a flash!

Take an hour and tackle one of these little projects this weekend! It will make you feel more secure about your home maintenance-wise and cost hardly anything. You won’t regret it! For the projects that seem above your head, call Avsten!

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