4 Signs You Have a Leaky Roof & What To Do

leaky roof

No one wants to hear that they have a leaky roof. This is one of the homeowner’s biggest fears. Despite the attempt to tune out the idea, the evidence might not even be apparent. Many problems persist silently until the ceiling comes crashing down. It’s best to intentionally look for warning signs, even when you’d rather not, before the damage is overwhelming. We have some tips on what to watch out for and how to quickly take action.

1. Missing or Damaged Shingles

It is a pretty clear sign when there are shingles missing or damaged that attention needs paid. It’s difficult to know if this is the case unless you went up on the roof and actually looked. Put it in your calendar to go up on your roof or have it inspected at least twice a year (every 6 months). This will ensure that your roof will always be in good shape. If you do find that you have shingle problems, don’t put off fixing them!

The Immediate Fix:

If you are doing this yourself, first and foremost, be careful up on the roof. Gently pry a flat bar under the damaged shingle to break the seal strip. Be very cautious not to rip any surrounding shingles. Find the nails. Pry up the nails and damaged shingle. Replace the empty spot with a new shingle. Nail it down, being careful not to damage the shingle above. OR a simpler route is to call Avsten Construction and we can give a free inspection and do these simple repairs at an affordable rate.

2. Ceiling Stains

Never ignore a ceiling stain. A leaky roof is usually the culprit. Tracking it down can be difficult, but the repair could be easy if caught early enough. If problems like this persist, it could lead much more expensive problems.

The Immediate Fix:

Gently push down on the area to see how soft it is. Be very careful when doing this that you are not directly under it. If it’s dry, it could be old. Make sure you monitor it. If it is soft, you will need to investigate. Locate on the above floor or attic exactly where it is occurring and go from there. Some construction might need to be in order if the area is badly damaged. Calling a few professionals should truly be your best route to get a better opinion on what might be going on.

3. Stains Around the Bathroom Fan

A leaky roof is usually not the reason for this one. There are 3 likely culprits. A leak could be coming from around a damaged vent cap. Condensation could be forming around the duct. Or lack of use could be causing condensation within the duct. The last one is very common in guest bathrooms. When it is cold outside warm air can condense inside the ducting.

The Immediate Fix:

First, you will need to diagnose the problem. Head to the attic. Find the duct and determine if it needs better insulation. You can pick it up at a home improvement store. Wrap it around the duct and use aluminum tape or zip ties to secure it in place. If that does not seem to be the issue head up to the roof to check out the vent cap. If neither one are apparent, you might just need to run the fan more often.

4. Mold on Exterior Walls

You’ll need to figure out where this mold is originating from. Measure from a reference point (window or door) to the moldy spot. Find the area on the other side. Inspect down-spouts emptying near that area or ground sloping towards the area.

The Immediate Fix:

Identifying what is causing the mold is prime, BUT removing the mold should come quickly after or before, depending on how quickly you can get the cause remedied. If you have ground sloping towards your property, you will need to fill it in or get french drains installed to draw water away from the property. If your down-spout is emptying around the area, add more spouting or supportive piping and position it away from the property.

To remove mold, there are several things you need to do. This job is so extensive that we could write a whole other blog on it. If you are into doing the job yourself, here is a helpful article. Otherwise, calling a mold removal service is probably your best bet to avoid frustration and further harm to yourself and the property.

Bottom Line for Leaky Roofs

We don’t like to tell homeowners what to do, but not taking action on potential roof damage or leaks could really cost you in the long run. This type of issue can also be the difference between adding value to your home or losing it. The roof is one of the make or break areas home buyers will decide their sale upon.

Want to be worry free of wondering if you have roof damage? We have the answer! Depend on Avsten Construction to come out twice a year to do a FREE roof inspection! Call us today to get on our schedule!

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