6 Storm Preparedness Tips

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Don’t panic, prepare!

April showers brought us May flowers, but also a massive amount of storm damage. It’s that time of year when shifting jet streams carry storm systems right to our doorstep. Rather than re-acting to the situation at hand, there are some proactive steps you can take to minimize damage to your home.

Here are some handy tips to prevent storm damage to your property: 

1. Evaluate the surrounding foliage.

Trees can be pretty, especially flowering ones, but also deadly. Did you know that the Bradford Pear, though lovely as it is, does millions of dollars of damage every year to cars and homes? Roofs experience punctures and scrapes causing deterioration over time from falling tree branches. Check your property for trees close to your home that seem troublesome. Trimming the branches back can go a long way to leaving your property at peace. If a tree seems like it needs to come down probably best if it did.

2. Look at all chimney vents and pipes.

The seals around chimney vents and pipes is called flashing or pipe collars. Often, leaks will occur because these areas have been damaged. Make sure it is replaced immediately. In some cases you can use roofing tar.

3. Clean out all gutters and downspouts.

This one might seem like an easy decision, but this issue gets bypassed so often. Cleaning out the gutters and downspouts is a simple measure that can prevent unwanted water accumulation. If your downspout has a clog try using your garden hose to loosen up the debris. If it’s really stubborn, you might have to remove the downspout.

4. Consider replacing your windows.

If your windows are ancient and not airtight anymore, it might be time for an upgrade. If you live in areas impervious to hurricanes consider impact-rated or hurricane shutters. There are strong materials out there that can withstand an immense amount of pressure. One of the best benefits of replacing old windows is the money saved in the winter!

5. Inspect your roof closely.

From time to time, you will want to get up on the roof and look around for loose shingles or nails and damage. This is especially true for roofs 15 years of age and up. Preventing a leak before it gets too bad is a must. Minor roof patching helps your roof last longer. 

6. Secure your outside furniture.

Even the heaviest of items can become projectiles during a truly dangerous storm. If you don’t want those items coming through your windows or neighbor’s windows, it’s best to either put them inside or anchor them down.

A good storm can be enjoyable to some. The aftermath though can’t be denied. We hope these simple steps lead to a damage-free year! If they don’t, we’ll be here to answer the call! Contact us today.

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