4 Affordable Tips to Raise Your Home’s Value!

Painting The House Tips

Looking to return the investment on your home without breaking the bank? It sounds like a cheat or an impossible feat, but it’s not. Cosmetic changes make a world of difference when it comes to raising your home’s value. Our suggested tips are affordable. Invest some time and elbow-grease to upgrade your investment!

Follow these smart tips to increase your home’s value!

1. Update the walls.

Updating your walls does not have to be a complete overhaul. No renovation required! Note the walls that appear outdated. Do you have wallpaper that looked good 15 or 20 years ago, but needs to go now? Borrow a steamer and scrape that stuff off. Paint will make a world of difference. You never know how much a room can shine until you apply the right color. Do some research into what colors will help the room with the natural light provided. Professional painters can help with this or spend a weekend doing it yourself.

2. Get your hands dirty.

Adding curb appeal can be the most affordable way to raise the value, if you put in the time and work. Make a flower garden and landscape plan. You might need to buy plants or mulch. These vary in price, so do not ask garden center employees to help identify affordable options. There is some very affordable eye-catching foliage out there if you look. YouTube has plenty of DIY tips if you want to get fancy!

3. Upgrade the details.

People notice small details. Those details can make a big difference in appealing to home buyers later. Gradually changing out doors, doorknobs, cabinet handles, outlet/light switch covers, vent covers, etc all add great value! These updates can create a “like new” feel to your home. I definitely notice small details in the appraisal.

4. Replace old lighting fixtures.

More and more, we are seeing styles come and go in home renovation. One simple update to make is in the lighting fixtures. People love a well lit room. For example, most everyone appreciates extra lighting in kitchens! Do your lighting fixtures make you smile? Decide what works for the space and impress yourself and others.

If it’s your goal to leave things in better shape than when you found them, you’re on the right track with this list! It’s surprising how much little fixes can raise your home’s value. If you are on a budget and don’t mind the work or the time spent, you will come out a winner! If you need help with construction services, give us a call!

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